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LUCSA is a local food CSA delivered to your door, throughout the city of Chicago.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) relies on community members to support a local farm through an upfront investment and commitment for the season. In exchange for this investment a member receives produce throughout the season from that farm, sharing the rewards and risks of food production. A typical CSA will support a single farm and members receive produce exclusively from that producer.

Our CSA operates a little differently - we includes produce from our farm in Englewood and partner farms throughout the Midwest. Your investment in our CSA enables us to grow food on our farm and support other family farms with guaranteed purchases throughout the season. This means more diversity of produce in your share throughout the season. While our farm is great for growing cooking greens and root vegetables, our small space is not designed for an orchard or vineyard (yet). That’s why we partner with other farms to both support their work and to fill in the gaps of produce we can’t grow.

However, it's not only other local farmers that we partner with. Something that makes us unique among CSAs in Chicago is that we also collaborate with other good food businesses in Chicago to provide you with a well-rounded box of food, while supporting other local businesses and growing the local food movement in the process. Our CSA includes beverages from our neighbor-brewers at Plant Chicago, bread from nearby bakers, coffee from the roaster down the street and other interesting produce and products.

This makes us a Local Unified CSA - we collaborate with others in our locality to deliver to you an interesting and diverse CSA.



What comes in each box?

LUCSA share contents vary from week to week based on what is in season, which means you get to experience produce at its peak. Listed below are items you can expect to receive throughout the season.

  • 1 loaf of bread (baked w/ local grain + house made starters)
    Baker Miller, Floriole, Spoke & Bird, pHlour

  • 1 dozen free range, organic eggs
    Lyons Fruit Farm and Finn’s Ranch

  • Up to 1 pound of organic mushrooms from River Valley Ranch
    2-3 portabello caps, 1-2 cups of white button, crimini, or shiitake

  • 1-2 servings of a beverage
    Fresh roasted coffee, loose leaf tea, kombucha, beer, cider, or juice

  • 6-10 different fresh fruits and vegetables
    1/4 pound to 2 pound portions of items listed below

  • Specialty items
    Herb bunches, microgreens, fresh ginger, preserved goods, honey

Click here for a full list of partners

Members are able to opt out of receiving bread, eggs, and/or beverage and will receive additional produce instead.


Mid Season

Green Beans

Early Season

Green Onions
Garlic Scapes
Cooking Greens

Late Season

Winter Squash


For most of our members, a share typically will last about one week for two people to make 8-10 dishes. Members should expect to continue purchasing meat, dairy, and grains to supplement the share, though different diets will go through the share in different ways - a vegetarian may use up there share more quickly than a carnivore, for example. We send a newsletter for each delivery with share contents, recipes, and ideas for making the most out of your produce. Keep in mind, most of our members cook the majority of their meals - so do take that into consideration.

Members can sign up for a full share or half share membership. Each member will receive the same contents, but a full share member will receive weekly deliveries and half share members will receive biweekly deliveries.

What’s the cost of A membership?

There are 2 choices that you need to make about your membership.

  1. You can be a full share member and receive weekly deliveries OR a half share member and receive biweekly deliveries.

  2. You can pay upfront for the share and help invest early on in our farm and our partners farms OR pay on a “Pay As You Go” installment plan for the duration of the season

Full Share Membership
22 shares delivered every week
June 3rd-October 30th

Pay As You Go


Paid over 22 installments by October 30th


(about $45/share)

Paid in full by May 7th*

Half Share Membership
11 shares delivered EVERY OTHER week
June 3rd-October 30th

Pay As You Go


Paid over 11 installments by October 30th


(about $50/share)

Paid in full by May 7th*

Pricing and dates are for the upcoming Summer 2019 season. Deliveries take place on Monday or Tuesday and are dependent on your delivery location.
*When you pay upfront, you can split up your payments as long as the total cost is paid in full by May 7th.*

How do i become a member?

Fill out the form below to add your email to our interested members list and be the first to receive information about upcoming seasons.

lUCSA member testimonials

“The UC team is a group of passionate, dedicated, and collaborative individuals, and knowing my food was produced with such love and care made it that much tastier. Also, being a part of The Urban Canopy means not having to think about what produce to buy every week and getting your groceries delivered. How convenient is that? I highly recommend anyone considering a farm share to support Urban Canopy.”

-Sarah (Summer 2016)

The best part of participating in LUCSA is sharing the experience with our children and educating them on sustainability. Whether it was introducing them to daikon radishes for the first time, or staying up late to make fresh tomato sauce, we couldn't have been happier with our shares.”

-Peter (Summer 2017)

“When summer comes around, I always have high hopes of going to the farmer’s market every week and only cooking meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. But inevitably life gets in the way of these aspirations, and I end up just making do with what is easy and convenient to pick up at Whole Foods on my way home. You guys take the “work” out of eating fresh and local, and I love that the variety of items in each box stretched me out of my comfort zone and got me to try new ingredients that I wouldn’t have chosen on my own. I seriously cannot stress enough to prospective members how extraordinarily happy I was with the QUALITY of the veggies and fruits that I received…LUCSA can’t be beat!!!”

-Anne (Summer 2018)

“Not only does the produce taste great and is hand delivered to your door, it has an added benefit of supporting a food system we can be proud of. I rave about what's in my box and I'm always eager to push my cooking comfort levels.”

-Jory (Summer 2018)

“My husband and I were first time CSA members in Summer 2017. We love to cook, but being members of LUCSA taught us so much about foods we never would have reached for at the grocery store or farmers market. Each week, we were challenged to learn how to cook with at least 1 new type of produce - some weeks 4-5! Everything was absolutely delicious…The fact that the boxes were delivered consistently each week made being a LUCSA member a no brainer for us. We'll be members for life!”

-Erin (Winter 2017-18)

"I can honestly say that this 14-week experience has changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. My roommates saw me enjoying cooking for the first time in the years we have lived together... Before this experience, I never would have cooked for or even with someone else: I didn't trust my "skills" and worried about getting too stressed. Now I know the only "skills" I need are curiosity, creativity, and compassion -- and I've practiced all of those with LUCSA... Now I know that I have the capacity to feel joy from food. I wasn't expecting this, but I'm elated to carry it with me."

- Liz (Winter 2016)

“I brag about my CSA to everyone! It's the best! Amazing goodies, delivered straight to your door, with a smile every time. WILL BE BACK FOR YEARS TO COME!”

-May (Summer 2016)

Any more questions? here’s our FAQs

Where do you deliver?
We guarantee delivery to the areas in this map. Delivery outside of these areas is dependent on the number of sign up in your area. For example, we have had questions about delivering to the Beverly area - at the time we don’t guarantee delivery there, but if over 10 people were to sign up we could include delivery service to that area.

When will I receive my share?
Members will receive their share between 5pm and 9pm on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Can I receive my share on a different delivery date because I’m on vacation / out of town?
With at least 7 days notice, we can very likely make something else work. Common solutions are: 1) delivering to a friend/neighbor at your residence or within 5 blocks 2) for a half share/biweekly member, shifting delivery 1 week forward or backward (if order logistics allow). Please also know that we only do deliveries on Mondays and Tuesdays, and will not fulfill any requests for Wednesday through Sunday.  

Is payment due before 1st delivery?
Payment is due for your 1st delivery in order to confirm your spot in LUCSA. We will not pack and deliver a share to any member if we do not have payment/advanced communication about specific instances.

What am I getting as a substitute for a listed allergy?
You will receive more of another item in the share or a substitute like item (for example a beverage allergy will get a different beverage, a veggie allergy will get a different vegetable).

Do I have to return the box my share was delivered in?
Yes, we do consider these a reusable item and ask that you always return your wax box. If you are not able to meet your driver, you can place your box where you would like new boxes left, and s/he will grab them when delivering your share.

Can I have my share delivered to someone else for 1 delivery?
If this another LUCSA member receiving a share the same week as you are, yes. OR if this someone is within a few (5) blocks of your home, absolutely, just contact us with as much advance notice as possible. If this someone is beyond 5 blocks from your home – it is not a guarantee as it is dependent on if the person is located somewhere close to where your driver delivers that day.

I am a Pay As You Go Member, can I skip a delivery and not pay for that one delivery?
No. Pay As You Go Members opt into a payment plan for an entire season commitment. Pay As You Go Members are required to pay for their entire season’s commitment - even if they can’t receive a delivery.

I want to sign up but think I might move in the fall. Can I sign up for a prorated share?
No. We give priority to members who can commit to the majority of the season, with the understanding that we can also be flexible for certain vacation days for half share members. If you think you might move, we’d suggest offering your share to a friend or family member during the months you think you might be moving.


Feel free to email lucsa@theurbancanopy.org with any further questions!