Business & Multi-Unit Buildings


Compost Club services commercial clients from small offices, to fast-paced restaurants, to large multi-unit buildings. We can create a solution that works for your needs. Here are the basics of our service.

  • Choose what containers work best for your needs:

    • 6-7 gallon buckets hold up to 40 pounds of food waste. These are convenient to have right in the kitchen area(s).

    • 32-gallon rolling bins hold up to 200 pounds of food waste. These can live inside or outside and work best for medium to larger customers. ***We include a latch on top so that the container can be locked (actual locks provided upon request)

  • With each stop, we replace the entire container with a cleaned one!

  • For the service and pricing that matches your organization's needs, check out the Service & Pricing information below.

  • To sign up, click on the green button below and fill out the form that pops up!

Signing Up

Sign up by October 22nd to be added to the service in November 2019! We will contact you toward the end of October with details on your initiation day.

To join, click the GREEN BUTTON below and fill out the form.

Questions? Email us at

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Pricing, services & Logistics

1. We complete our stops Mondays through Fridays. Depending on your physical address, you will be added to a specific day of the week. 

2. You can choose your pickup frequency

  • Monthly (Once per month)

  • Bi-Weekly (Once every two weeks)

  • Weekly (Once a week) <--- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Multiple Weekly Stops (Several times per week)

3. Choose you container location(s)! Please let us know what locations for the buckets or bins work best for you, we're happy to accommodate. 

4. All of our containers come with compostable liners. Additional liners and other compostable supplies (cups, plates, silverware, etc.) are available for purchase. Tying closed extra liners help mitigate bug issues, especially with multi-unit locations sharing containers. 

5. If you find your business needs more or less containers, we can adjust the number of containers at the beginning of the next month's service.

6. We can add locks to these bins if you need them to be locked when not in use. Please inquire about this if you are interested.

7. Members can cancel stops at any point and not get billed for these cancelled stops.

8. All billing is done on a Monthly basis with emailed invoices. Payments can be made via check or with a credit card. 

Compost Club is a crucial part of the Urban Canopy's mission to prove that Urban Agricultural and local food work can be a healthy, self-sustaining, business endeavor. If you'd like more information, please email CompostClub@TheUrbanCanopy.Org. :-)