We grow organic produce from the compost we collect

Our Outdoor Farm (oFarm) is a two-acre high-rotation raised bed production farm on the border of Englewood and Auburn-Gresham. We grow a diverse range of vegetables, storage crops, herbs, and flowers for our customers at farmers markets and LUCSA, for our pay-what-you-can farm stand, and for residents of nearby affordable housing and the St. Sabina food pantry.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard than organic certification requires, using only organic approved amendments and pesticides and as minimally as possible. oFarm prefers to build and maintain healthy biological systems, which we feed with compost including food scraps from our neighbors and Compost Club members each year. Everything is built, planted, maintained and harvested by hand and with small-farm hand tools. We provide a lush home to Bike-a-Bee hives, hawks and falcons, garter snakes, the famous south side parakeets, and a surprising variety of wild plants and fungi!


Contact David Durstewitz at david@theurbancanopy.org.