We attend markets throughout the Chicagoland area to bring you the best local produce we can Grow and find

In an effort to increase the supply of healthy, local, and organic fruits and vegetables at Farmers Markets, we sell both our own Chicago-grown produce as well as produce from partner local farms. We attend markets all around the city - as far south as Beverly and as far north as Rogers Park. Sometimes we are one of many stands; sometimes we’re the only stand. All of it is to fulfill our mission of getting delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables to the city of Chicago throughout the entire year.

Where to find us?

Senior Homes

In an effort to increase access for healthy foods to low income seniors, US Department of Agricultures and Illinois Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program fund Farmers Markets Checks, which are distributed by Catholic Charities in the Chicagoland area. Often time this money goes unredeemed as Farmers Markets are not always located near senior residential buildings and traveling constraints that some Senior residents may have prevent them from attending. To help address these issues we offer Pop-up markets directly at Senior residences to provide easier access to fresh market produce.

Faith In Place

Faith in Place empowers people of all faiths to be leaders in caring for the Earth, providing resources to educate, connect, and advocate for healthier communities. Through their Winter Farmers Markets they provide local Farms the ability to continue the market season by partnering with different houses of worship to host indoor pop-up markets. You can see their full Winter 2018-19 Schedule here and find the nearest location to you!

City of Chicago Markets

We partner with the City of Chicago to increase accessibility to organic and local foods in the Austin, Bronzeville, Englewood, North Lawndale, and Roseland neighborhoods. We bring a variety of local and non-local organic produce to be able to include culturally relevant produce at our stand. These markets accept double value link coupons, senior coupons, and WIC. We also partner with local chefs who demonstrate delicious ways to prepare our market produce. Through community partnerships we are able to provide nutritionally focused recipes as well as performances from local talent.

Community Markets

Throughout the week you can find us at farmers markets in Back of the Yards, Beverly, Hyde Park, Marquette Park, Rogers Park and West Town.  These markets showcase a variety of local vendors and farmers to bring awareness to our regional food system. Many of these markets also provide prescription food dollars for community members to help build the association of the health benefits nutritional foods can provide.

Email markets@theurbancanopy.org if you are interested in having us at your market, want to run a chef demo or perform at a market, or want a senior home pop up market

who do we partner with?


We strive to promote cooperation rather than competition with other farmers because we believe that in the long run this will be more beneficial for both producers and consumers. For many of our partner farms it is difficult to both master the art of growing food AND be able to bring that food to markets - especially those located outside the City of Chicago. Most would rather spend their resources on the former, and at times the latter can be downright unprofitable for them. The Urban Canopy seeks to fill the need for more efficient distribution of local food grown by small independent farmers by buying produce directly from farmers at a wholesale price, and selling it to Chicagoans at a fair market price. This way the farmers benefit by being able to spend more resources on growing food while still getting their products out to markets; we benefit by being able to sell more at markets; and the consumer benefits by having access to greater quantity, quality, and variety of local, organic produce.

River Valley Ranch
Burlington, WI

Earthlore Farm
Beaverville, IL

Ellis Family Farm
Benton Harbor, MI

Compost Drop off


Our Farmers Markets also allow you to compost! Market customers can pick up a compost bucket at any of our markets and drop it off when it gets full.

$5 dollars for your first bucket and $5 per bucket swap.

Please note that if you bring your own bucket or container, it must hermetically seal and you will likely not see the container again.

If you sign up for residential pickup service, you cannot drop off at farmers markets. If you do drop offs at markets, we cannot do at home pickups, unless you sign up for that service. Both of these billing systems are separate and independent of each other.

Market Schedule


Email markets@theurbancanopy.org with any questions about markets, farm partnerships, or compost drop offs!