What you do:

  1. Keep the 5-gallon bucket, that we provide, near your kitchen. Add your veggie scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, spoiled fruit and other compostables

  2. When it's time to swap out the bucket, leave it in your designated bucket location for pickup. We'll collect it and leave you a fresh one.

  3. Your food scraps head to one of several local processing sites to be composted.

What we do:

  1. We provide you with a bucket and lid.

  2. We process some of your food scraps back at our farm in Englewood and take the rest to a windrow composter on the South side of Chicago.

  3. For every 10 pickups, members are rewarded with finished compost, a $5 voucher to a local farmers market or a $5 voucher to one of the restaurants that also compost with Compost Club. :)

Weekly: $35/Month

Weekly members get 4-5 stops per month

Bi-weekly: $25/Month

Bi-Weekly members get 2-3 stops per month

Monthly: $15 /Month

Monthly members get 1 stop per month

***The mONTHLY frequency is unavailable until January 2020. WEEKLY & bIWEEKLY frequencies are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you live in a high rise, we’d suggest your buckets are exchanged in one of the following locations: 1) With front desk 2) In a mail room 3) In front of your unit door (only if former locations are not allowed). Please check in with your building to see what they are most comfortable with!

  • We do not offer discounts when multiple people sign up for the residential service at the same location. If you would like to share a 32 gallon bin with your neighbors, please sign up for our Commercial Compost Club. Sharing these larger bins will save you some cash.

  • If you want to cancel a pickup because your bucket isn’t full or you’re out of town, no problem! Notify us by 3PM the day before and we will take you off the route and refund you for the skipped stop. Your refund will be sent the following month.

  • Every time we stop by your residence, you will be charged full price. The most expensive part of running the service is paying our crew members above minimum wage to swing by your residence. Each pickup, drop off or exchange must be paid for.

  • PayPal auto payments are the only method of payment we use at this time.

  • If you need to end your pickup service, please let us know as soon as possible! We will stop by one last time to pickup any remaining buckets or bucket locks you may have. You are responsible for paying for this last pickup.

  • We do not accept compostable diapers because we cannot accept human waste of any kind.

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Signing Up

Sign up by October 22nd to be added to the service in November 2019! We will contact you toward the end of October with more information.

To join, click the GREEN BUTTON below and fill out the form for at-home pickups.

Please note! If you sign up for residential pickup service, you cannot drop off at farmers markets. Both of these billing systems are separate and independent of each other.

Questions? Email us at: CompostClub@TheUrbanCanopy.org

Compost Club is a crucial part of the Urban Canopy's mission to prove that Urban Agricultural and local food work can be a healthy, self-sustaining, business endeavor. If you'd like more information, reach out via email!

Compost Drop-Off

Our Farmers Markets also allow you to compost! Market customers can pick up a compost bucket at any of our markets and drop it off when it gets full.

$5 dollars for your first bucket and $5 per bucket swap.

Please note that if you bring your own bucket or container, it must hermetically seal and you will likely not see the container again.

If you sign up for residential pickup service, you cannot drop off at farmers markets. If you do drop offs at markets, we cannot do at home pickups, unless you sign up for that service. Both of these billing systems are separate and independent of each other.