Support the urban canopy


Any amount you would like to share would be greatly appreciated. The Urban Canopy is a for-profit company registered in 2011 in the state of Illinois. Your donations will not be tax-exempt but will help us expand current programs or launch new projects supporting our mission of a local, sustainable food system.


We are always looking for items to use for various projects. Our current wish list is as follows:

  • Wheelbarrows & gardening tools

  • Perennial herb cuttings

  • Straw, mulch, compost, topsoil

  • Bobcat

Support Our Employees

Our employees are passionate, dedicated people to the mission of The Urban Canopy and their own projects. We give a huge congratulations to their accomplishments and want to send support their way.

  • Jenny Sher (LUCSA Packer and Driver) was featured in a Bon Appetit article for her work at Cellar Door Provisions

Support Our Community

Many individuals and organizations have helped The Urban Canopy since the beginning. We want to thank everyone for their help in getting us to where we are today and encourage you to support their hard work as well.

Advocates for Urban Agriculture
Everybody @ The Plant
Jana @ Bike-A-Bee
Beyond Green Partners