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Darrell Watson - Self Proclaimed Father of Wheatgrass

Darrell Watson - Self Proclaimed Father of Wheatgrass

Darrell is one of the most beloved members of our urban farming community here in Chicago. He helped build a hoop house right on 61st street in Hyde Park and has offered vegetables freely to neighbors and all alike. He has been an invaluable part of the Urban Canopy team for four years, and laid claim to his title as the father of wheatgrass, while also bringing vegetables to the hands of those who need it most. He sold a bewildering amount of produce across the city, from Austin, La Follete to Columbus Park and Hyde Park just to name a few. You could tell just seeing him in action that he really cares about giving people what is good. And if you've ever been to the 61st Street Market at Experimental Station in Hyde Park, you'd have seen him work his magic, selling wheatgrass shots to many, saying one of his many catch phrases like "We grow our vegetables organically but at night we play music to them too!” or “We're local right now, but soon we’re going global!" He always had something to say to pick up your spirit. Now, it's time we all help raise his spirit…. He's been fighting cancer this past year and hasn’t been able to get out to the gardens and markets at all. A donation could help change that. He hopes to get a car and/or electric wheelchair so he can start growing wheatgrass and selling at markets again! Let’s make the local organization he helped create, one that really can inspire on a global scale. 

Please follow this link to donate directly to the Go Fund Me Campaign. 

We sincerely thank you for all of your prayers and support!!!!

- The UC Crew