Chicken and the Egg: The Making of a Farmer’s Market

Chicken and the Egg: The Making of a Farmer’s Market

Help us get more people at our markets! Our Englewood market is right next to a Popeyes and we have to compete with that smell in the air. 

In order to start a successful market, you need to have vendors for things that people in the area want, but to get vendors to come, you need to have an audience for them to interact with. A market can not thrive without both: a captive audience and committed vendors. 


River Valley Ranch Mushrooms and Sauces


The veggies and fruits we bring to the market taste great but they somehow taste better when we combine them. Through a slow cooking, we make it delicious. But our culture now values convenience over anything else. We aim to show just how delicious, quick and nutritious is possible and this is especially important towards younger people. 

Our demos bring so many people to our markets! Young and old folks get to taste the stuff that our Chefs cook right from our tables. We strongly believe Chefs will bring people in and help our markets thrive! Help us have more Chef demos and improve our markets this summer by donating to our campaign! To read more about it and contribute, follow this link:

-The Urban Canopy Crew