Keep the 5-gallon bucket (that we provide!) near your kitchen. Add your veggie scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, spoiled fruit and other compostables! When it's time to swap out the bucket, leave it by your back door, front stoop, or alley, and we'll collect it and leave you a fresh one. Your food scraps head to one of several local Chicago farms who perform the actual composting! 

For every 10 buckets of scraps collected, members can choose from one of three rewards: 2lbs of finished worm castings for gardening; a $5 coupon to use for Urban Canopy farm produce at local farmers markets; a $5 gift to a local restaurant that uses composting; or, Compost Club members can donate their reward back to the Urban Canopy efforts.

WEEKLY: $35 / Month   BIWEEKLY: $25 / Month   MONTHLY: $15 / Month

Click here for the Compost Club service area



We provide you with a bucket and lid, and use your food scraps back at the farm. We use worms to digest your food scraps (through vermi-composting) to generate healthy soil and nutrients to grow more local food.

Compost Club is a crucial part of the Urban Canopy's mission to prove that Urban Agricultural and local food work can be a healthy, self-sustaining, business endeavor.

If you'd like more information, please email We also have a few quick reference documents you can download and read here:


Are you ready to join Compost Club? Click the button below and fill out the form for at-home pickups. It will give us all the info we need to get you started.

Sign up by February 20th to be added to the service in March 2018! We will contact you around the 23rd of the month with details on your initiation day the following month (February). 

If you wish to inquire about the service please email or call 872-444-6764 with any questions. 



Are you looking for somewhere to drop your bucket off?

Visit us at our Farmers Markets where you can get your first bucket and drop it off when it gets full -- $5 dollars for your first bucket and $5 per swap. Check out our Farmers Market page for more info on market schedules, locations and to see if bucket swaps are available or only bucket drop offs.

***Please note that if you bring your own bucket or container, it must hermetically seal and you will likely not see the container again.

At the moment, we do not accept drop offs at our farm.