Keep the 5-gallon bucket (that we provide!) near your kitchen. Add your veggie scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, spoiled fruit and other compostables! When it's time to swap out the bucket, leave it by your back door, front stoop, or alley, and we'll collect it and leave you a fresh one. Your food scraps head to one of several local Chicago farms who perform the actual composting! 

For every 10 buckets of scraps collected, members can choose from one of three rewards: a bucket of finished compost for gardening; a $5 coupon to use for Urban Canopy farm produce at local farmers markets; a $5 gift to a local restaurant that uses composting; or, Compost Club members can donate their reward back to the Urban Canopy efforts.


We provide you with a bucket and lid, and use your food scraps back at the farm. We use worms to digest your food scraps (vermi-composting) to generate healthy soil and nutrients for community & school gardens, our farm, or we can share the compost for your own plants!

If you'd like more information, please fill out the form below. We also have a few quick reference documents you can download and read here:

I'd like to compost!

If you wish to inquire about the service please email compostclub@theurbancanopy.org with any questions.

Due to high demand for joining the service, we are currently placing people on a waiting list and only adding folks in specific parts of town. If you want to join Compost Club please fill out this form regardless and we'll be in touch with you in the next couple weeks. We hope to move past the waiting list this fall. Thanks! - ER 8/8/16

How often would you want pickups?
How would you like to pay for the collection service?
Your address determines if you are within our pickup area and what day of the week you get pickups.
We will send you a text when we drop off your first bucket and if we ever have trouble finding your full bucket.
i.e. "Near my back door," or "hanging off the fence". To ensure your first bucket goes smooth, send us a picture of this location to compostclub@theurbancanopy.org - A picture is NOT required.


  • We supply, deliver, and set up large containers the day of, or within 1-2 days of, your event. These containers look like standard, large trash bins and are equipped with compostable liners.
  • Compostable/non compostable items will be labeled on laminated sheets of paper and taped to the lids of the containers, making it obvious to guests how to distribute waste.
  • When the event has concluded, we pick up the containers and compost the organic waste at our own farm sites or deliver it to one of our partner farms on the South Side of Chicago.

If you’d like more information or would like to sign up for this service, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon! Note: prices will vary based on the size and location of your event.

We also have a few quick reference documents that you can download and read here:

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